Who repairs computer?
All the repairs are done by the business owner.

What qualifications do you need to repair computers?
None are needed but my training 20 years ago, an intensive course gave me a good start.

Can I claim computer repairs on tax?
If you use the computer in your business, then yes.

Can you trust computer repair shops?
You can Trust me, my whole business is based on Trust.

How long do computer repairs take?
Many can be done within an hour, it only takes days if parts need to be ordered.

How to repair a computer at home?
You often need a working computer to fix a broken one.

Are computer repairs essential?
I often hear people referring to their right arm...

How much are computer repairs?
My hourly rates are on the main page of the website. If someone drops a computer off I often say, it'll be between £30 and £50, if it looks like it will be more I will ring you first to explain why and give you the abort option.

Are computer repair shops safe?
It really is a question of trust and I have built my business on trust.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a computer?
If the problem is major and the computer is old, the repair price could reach the cost of a new one. E.g. replacing a motherboard in a laptop can be very expensive. Is it worth fixing a 10 year old computer? Does depend on the problem but these days I would say yes. The hardware hasn't changed as much as in the past and software can be brought up to date.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace?
Usually cheaper to repair.

What can a 10 year old computer do?
It can run Windows 10 fine.

Should I fix my old computer?
Yes. I refer you to my first newsletter, it is much kinder to the planet to repair.