Wireless IP Camera

TPLink IP Camera TL-SC4171G
The TL-SC4171G is dedicated to providing 24-hour security monitoring of a home, office, store or any other location needing day and night security. By easily mounting this camera on a ceiling or wall, it offers wide-range pan/tilt monitoring of the entire space in which it is located. Moreover, live video can be accessed through the Internet on a PC/laptop, or even via 3G mobile devices such as Blackberries or iPhones. Featuring a 54Mbps wireless connection, 2-way audio and other practical functions, the TL-SC4171G is a fantastic solution that allows users to keep an eye on whatever they value most. The TL-SC4171G offers extra wide, whole-room surveillance coverage with 354 degree horizontal pan (left & right) and 125 degree vertical tilt (up & down). Moreover, 4 patrol tours that consist of 8 preset positions each make the camera automatically move along a desirable route to allow users to easily capture a number of specific points around a room to ensure that the most sensitive areas are covered, using the camera's easy-to-use user interface.
54Mbps wireless connectivity
Motorized Pan/Tilt with a viewing range(Pan: 354°,Tilt: 125°)
Real-time video for mobile devices via 3GPP/ISMA RTSP
  2-way audio with built-in microphone allows for bi-directional communication
  1/4 progressive scan CMOS produces clear, vivid video
  Supports high quality dual codec (MJPEG & MPEG-4) steaming to suit various bandwidth environments
  Up to 30 frames per second video capture for smooth video
  10x digital zoom for more detailed viewing
0.3 Mega Pixels
Camera Mount Kit and Pads

PRICE: £290 inc. VAT.